Land Survey
Land surveying involves measuring and determining property boundaries, Which used as the basis for all property transactions including buying selling mortgaging and leasing.
Engineering Survey
Engineering survey are engaged in the construction industry and ensure construction works are built in the correct location and as per their design.
Levelling Survey
Find the elevation of a given point with respect to the given or assumed datum. Establish a point at a given elevation with respect to the given or assumed datum.
Setting Out Work
In order to begin excavation of trenches required for a building's foundation, the builder must know the positions and levels of building lines shown on the construction plans on the ground. That is, the exact length, width, depth, and position of the foundation trenches must be marked on the groun
Power Line Survey
The outcome of an audit report enables an electrical asset owner to achieve a state of safety, availability of supply improvements and service life objectives at an optimal cost. Environmental impacts within the servitude of the line and risk factors outside of the servitude that might have an influ
Railway Survey
Railway surveying has always been of vital importance in the maintenance and construction of our railways but recent dramatic increases in traffic and the resulting pressure to expand capacity has significantly raised the profile of the railway regeneration. More than ever before survey companies wo
Topography Survey
Topography Surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and surface of the earth.
Environmental Survey
Environmental surveying is the title of a profession within the wider field of surveying, the practitioners of which are known as environmental surveyors. Environmental surveyors use surveying techniques to understand the potential impact of environmental factors on real estate and construction deve
Industrial Survey
Being a leader in thi industry, we are engaged in providing our clients a reliable industrial survey services
Contour Survey
Assisted by rich experience & technical awareness, we render reliable contour survey services to our clients.
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